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Wide range CRP and haemoglobin (Hb) results with one easy to use point-of-care test in only 2 minutes!

Made possible with the newest addition to the growing product portfolio of the QuikRead go® multianalyte point-of-care system

Our newest QuikRead go family products are the QuikRead go wrCRP and QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb tests, which have many great benefits. Wide CRP measuring range from 0,5 to 200 mg/l offers the possibility to use the tests as conventional CRP tests but also when low CRP values are of interest. Room temperature storage enables easy storage in the healthcare units and immediate testing. The tests use only 10 µl of sample to ensure easy and fast sample collection for increased convenience for the patients. As the unique combination in QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb test gives both wide range CRP and haemoglobin results simultaneously from one sample, it is the perfect fit for situations where you need to know more in just minutes.

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